Girl Scouts of Jamaica

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For ease and flexibility, the uniform has many options to suit each member's needs. All girl scouts wear a white school blouse or oxford cotton blouse. The leaders wear a mint green oxford cotton blouse. Blouses are usually short sleeved but may be long sleeved where desireable or necessary. All members wear a bandana neckerchief, bamboo or pvc woggle, and navy skort, culottes, skirt or pants. The sash, which is so important for displaying badges, is colour coded by section: light yellow for Peenie Wallies, light green for Doctor Birds, light blue for Junior Scouts and aquamarine for Senior Scouts. The sash is 6" broad. Black, brown or navy school shoes are worn with navy socks by girl scouts while leaders wear black or navy closed toe shoes. There is an optional navy blazer for formal events.

Peenie Wallie Scouts

Doctorbird Scouts

Junior Scouts

Senior Scouts


Sash Colours

To receive a fabric swatch for making the sash, send a stamped self-addressed envelope and state the section(s) for which you need a swatch. Instructions for making the sash and neckerchief are found in the Documents folder on the Downloads page.

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